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What to do in Sri Lanka?

Welcome to these pages about travelling in Sri Lanka. Picture an island the size of Ireland, at the heart of the Indian Ocean. An island which is a condensed version of Asia, where the traveller would spend time discovering Buddhist archaeological remains, then trekking in the green forests and mist shrouded mountains, and profit from the final days by sunbathing on a beach straight out of paradise... You are not dreaming: Sri Lanka is a travel destination still little known but ideal! A trip to Sri Lanka is suitable for any type of traveller: as a couple or family, for active or cultural agendas, for those wanting to carry out different activities or for those just seeking the simple pleasures of relaxation! Blessed with an ideal size, where it is easy to get from one point to the next, a trip to Sri Lanka combines everything a traveller is looking for in Asia. Explore the Buddhist ruins in all their beauty, lost in the lush greenery, discover alternating landscapes from dense jungle and terraced rice paddies to deserted beaches lined with coconut palms. This unparalleled beauty awaits you during a holiday in Sri Lanka...

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When to go in Sri Lanka?

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Start planning your honeymoon in Sri Lanka

Choose Sri Lanka for your honeymoon and you won’t regret it. The small tear-shaped island in the Indian Ocean offers sizzling sunshine, romantic candle-lit seaside dinners, wildlife watching and fascinating history lessons. Plus, with a traditional wellness scene, there are Ayurvedic spas aplenty for relaxing massages and healing ceremonies. 

What makes Sri Lanka a great honeymoon destination?

Whether you want to go snorkeling in the warm Indian Ocean, or have close encounters with incredible wildlife, Sri Lanka is an outstanding honeymoon destination. Foodies will love the local cuisine, and there’s ample opportunity for romance and relaxation at the many spa hotels on this island nation.

Best honeymoon activities and experiences in Sri Lanka

Get inspired for your romantic getaway with this specially curated list of the best honeymoon spots in Sri Lanka. 

Go snorkeling at Hikkaduwa Beach

Explore the crystal-clear waters of Hikkaduwa, about 60 miles from Colombo. It’s an excellent spot to snorkel near dazzling coral reefs teeming with colorful tropical fish and other marine life. Midday is the best time for snorkeling as the angle of the sun allows you to clearly view all the marine life.

Spot whales and dolphins at Mirissa

Embark on a wildlife adventure on your Sri Lanka honeymoon with a whale and dolphin watching excursion at Mirissa. Take a cruise boat from this sleepy fishing port to see the amazing marine mammals swimming leisurely in the warm waters. The best time for this unique encounter is during migration season between February and March.

Indulge in romantic dinner on the waterfront

Add a little spice to your Sri Lanka honeymoon with a sumptuous dinner by one of the island's many beaches. Gotu kola sambol, flavorful curries, and fresh fish are just some of the dishes you shouldn’t miss.

Explore Udawalawe National Park

If wildlife is your key focus, head to Udawalawe National Park where elephants, buffalo, spotted deer and giant squirrels roam the landscape. As you drive through the jungle, use binoculars to spot the varied wildlife, and look out for the hundreds of birds flitting about in the forest canopy.

Get a history lesson Galle 

This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers an insight into Sri Lanka’s colonial past. Constructed in 1588 by the Portuguese and fortified by the Dutch in 1649, today this historic structure houses a 17th century church, a lighthouse, and the former Dutch governor’s residence.

Tips for planning a honeymoon in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, with its endless pristine coastline, is a honeymooner’s paradise. Newlyweds can easily spend a week or two on this island in romantic bliss. Sri Lanka has a tropical climate so it’s warm and humid year-round. Average temperatures range from 70°F to 90°F, but the hill regions are much cooler. Don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and a bathing suit.

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