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Tasty street food, fresh seafood, and piquant curries are just some of the tantalizing options on offer during a food tour of Sri Lanka. Discover all that this nation has to offer, from tropical jungles where unique fruits grow to stunning beaches where you can buy seafood straight from the boat.

What makes Sri Lanka a great destination for foodies?

Sri Lankan food is diverse and delicious. Street food tours are gaining popularity in Sri Lanka and this is a great way to taste a range of food available in a large town or city. The tropical fruits that grow in Sri Lanka are little known to much of the world, so on a food tour here you’ll discover new things like ash plantains, snake gourds, and dambala (a type of bean). Whatever your taste, there’ll be exceptional food on offer for you here. 

The best gastronomy tours in Sri Lanka

From market tours to street food tours, there are plenty of ways to experience Sri Lanka’s diverse cuisine, as well as hundreds of fantastic restaurants. The capital city of Colombo has a range of interesting food venues to discover, and smaller towns and villages offer a chance to eat traditional local specialties. Here are the top food and drink experiences in Sri Lanka. 

Taste the finest teas at the Handunugoda Tea Estate

Two hours south of Colombo is the Handunugoda Tea Estate, where a special white tea is grown. Once ready, the leaves are hand-picked with golden scissors and workers wear face masks so as not to contaminate the tea. After touring the plantation, enjoy a cup of fine white tea in their gardens. 

Eat seafood from the boats in Negombo

Taste delicious fresh seafood with your feet still in the sand at one of the many beach-side restaurants on Negombo Lagoon. The fish and seafood is fresh off the boats daily, so you’ll be hard pressed to get tastier dishes anywhere else. 

Take a street food tour of Colombo

A street food tour of Colombo will take you to the best vendors in the city to try local dishes such as egg hoppers (a coconut milk pancake bowl), dhal curry with rice, and watalappan (a cardamom and clove custard). These traditional Sri Lankan foods are an unmissable experience.

Take a market tour

Learning where your food comes from is always a valuable experience, and in Sri Lanka it can be greatly rewarding. City markets buzz with vendors and shoppers, so take some time to explore. On an exciting market tour, you’ll learn about the different fruits and vegetables grown in the country, and even get the opportunity to sample some unique foods.

Learn to cook the Sri Lankan way 

Learn how to make an authentic curry or street food dish from a local chef at oen of the many classes available in Sri Lanka’s cities. Various courses are hosted by expert chefs and home cooks all over the country, and recreating your food experiences from Sri Lanka when you're back home is a great way to remember your vacation.

Tips for planning a food tour in Sri Lanka

Always take care when consuming street food and ensure it has been prepared in a hygienic setting. Booking food tours with a reputable company and English-speaking guide will ensure you have the safest experience possible. 

When to go in Sri Lanka?

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is in the dry season, which runs from December to March on the west and south coasts and in the mountains, and from May to September on the east coast. The rest of the year, it's monsoon weather, which makes travelling less pleasant. In Sri Lanka, you'll be enchanted by the many treasures from the ancient kingdom of Ceylan: with ancient cities, amazing beaches and the most beautiful mountains, the Sri Lankan environment is breathtaking.
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