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Sri Lanka

A honeymoon in Sri Lanka: reap the love you sow

Sri Lanka, the famous 'tear of India', painted in hues of blue and green, is also know for its tea and rice plantations that remind us of the richness of its soil. Treat yourself to adreamhoneymoonintheheartofthisspiritualcountry where nature is sacred and where you will begin to feel that patience and devotion are so important as you build your lives together.

Centuries of history

Located in the heart of Asia, Sri Lanka has attracted many colonisers, all of whom have left traces of their presence. But even before them, the country's kings had already made their mark, in the town of Sigiriya for example, the seat of King Kassyapa in the 5th century. This town is home to the famous Lion's Rock, ruins of the king's citadel and popular with tourists. Another unmissable place, the Golden Temple of Dambulla, near to Sigiriya, has been known as a sacred place for over twenty centuries. Here you will find caves, sanctuaries and monasteries full of history, to the delight of culture-lovers and admirers of historical treasures. The sacred town of Kandy, home to the Buddha's Tooth temple, isyet another fantastic place to be with your loved one, amidst hundreds of scents and flavours in the Peradeniya botanic gardens and spice markets, surrounded by hills and mountains. To complete this religious heritage tour, the sacred town of Anuradhapura, the first major city, will take you even further from civilisation and will lead you straight to Polonnaruwa, the country's second historic capital.

A country abundant with treasures

This wealth of history has bestowed on the country a great deal of cultural sights and you'll be able to witness this during your honeymoon. Begin by tasting the country's speciality, its tea, of which 300,000 tons a year is produced, allowing you to watch the harvest and enjoy a tasting in one the tea-producing regions such as Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula or Uva, which each produce a particular type of tea. You'll have the pleasure of being able to watch the Tamil women patiently gathering their crop of 20kg of tea per day, who will take the time to explain how the harvest is carried out.

Picking tea

Sri Lankan traditions, themselves influenced by Buddhilsm, which include yoga and mediation along with regular Ayurveda, will set you off on the path of discovery, showing you that patience and perseverance are the key to a life of well-being and good health. By meeting the Sri Lankan people, who will welcome you warmly, you will see proof of this.

Ségolène Renoud-Lyat