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An update from Evaneos
South Korea

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in South Korea

The choice to go to South Korea is in itself an original one when it comes to possible destinations to visit on the Asian continent. There are other countries in the region that are much more popular as tourist destinations. Before setting off, you need to spend a bit of time carefully preparing your suitcase. The main thing is not to forget anything essential. As easy as it may be to find certain things once you're there, other items may prove more difficult to get hold of.

Let's start with clothing. In order to be able to advise you about what items are absolutely essential to take, it's necessary to know what time of year you will be going to South Korea. This is because temperatures, for example, can be around -10°C in winter and 35°C in summer. For the latter, you will of course need light clothing to keep you cool in the heat, but also items with long sleeves and legs as it often gets chilly in the evening and you'll need them anyway to cover your arms and legs when visiting religious sites.

Preparing your first aid kit is also something you need to take great care with. You will of course be able to get medicines and such once you're in the country, but explaining what ails you in Korean is no easy matter. So take with you the basic medicines and first-aid equipment you'll need to deal with minor, everyday ailments.

To be able to bring back wonderful souvenirs of your fantastic trip and show your family and friends this little known side of the Asian continent, you will of course need to think about packing a camera or camcorder in your suitcase. You will also need your passport in order enter the country, a debit/credit card to withdraw money and pay for things, and your international driving permit, which will be requested if you choose to rent a vehicle while visiting the country.

Things to pack in your suitcase

  1. Light clothing to keep you cool in the heat of summer
  2. Clothing to protect you from the cold in winter
  3. Long clothing at all times of year in order to visit religious sites
  4. A swimming costume/trunks for the beach
  5. Walking boots/shoes for hiking in
  6. A complete first aid kit for dealing with everyday cuts and bruises etc.
  7. A good sun cream to prevent sunburn
  8. Something to treat traveller's diarrhoea
  9. A photocopy of your passport, which will come in very useful if you happen to lose the original
  10. A debit/credit card for paying for things and withdrawing money
  11. A camera or camcorder so you'll have wonderful souvenirs of your trip to bring back with you
  12. Your international driving permit to enable you to rent a vehicle and drive when you're in the country
  13. The open minded attitude and willingness to experience new things required to deal with an incredible degree of culture shock
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