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Best places to visit in South Korea

South Korea is a country at odds with our culture and still not visited very much by Western travellers. Yet it's an ideal country to discover the ultra-modernity of Asia, its incredibly fast-paced way of life, its typical gastronomy and quite simply, a country which has much to offer.

Indeed, its capital, Seoul, will intoxicate you with its amazing size, its vast streets and its huge advertising signs. Each district offers a very specific atmosphere: traditional houses in Bukchon, shopping in Myeongdong, student and party area in Hongdae, business district in Gangnam... You can easily spend a week in Seoul without getting bored! Nearby, there's also the city of Incheon, known for its airport, of course, but also for its open-air parks and lovely beach. 

Yet there's also lesser-known coast and beaches in South Korea, notably in Busan, in the south. On the itinerary, authentic districts, numerous temples, beautiful walks on the pier and, of course, lovely lazy days in sight! 

For a discovery off the beaten tracks, you need to go to Jeju Island, a little haven of peace, sheltering a very well-protected national park and beautiful beaches, to satisfy every tourist! By scooter, bike or on foot, you can easily get around the island, which gives an image of South Korea which is completely unknown. 

The trip ends with the small city of Gwangju, which has magnificent temples and beautiful hikes to plunge yourself right into the heart of the authentic South Korea. In effect, the whole country is blessed with a unique architectural heritage and it has preserved its temples and rituals with care. 

Bettina Zourli
Boseong district is famous for its green tea plantations.Actually, the majority of Korean tea is produced in this region.
Do (South Korea)
It is the largest island of Korea and offers superb landscapes and panoramas.
Geoje (South Korea)
The second largest island in Korea, with superb natural scenery.
Several UNESCO-listed sites are to be found in this former Korean capital.
Hadong (South Korea)
The city of Hadong is one of the cities whose green tea is the most renowned throughout Korea.
Hahoe (South Korea)
One of the largest traditional villages of Korea, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Jeonju (South Korea)
The city of Jeonju is just not to be missed during your stay in Korea. It's Hanok Village, consisting of traditional Korean houses, is one of the biggest and most beautiful in the country.
Jirisan National Park is a chain of mountains and the mountain of the same name is the second largest of Korea.
Famous Korean National Park, with numerous mountains and Buddhist temples.
A Korean National Park with beautiful landscapes.
Mureung Valley is often described as one of the most beautiful of all Korea.
Namhae (South Korea)
One of the largest islands of Korea, located in the south of the country.
Seoul (South Korea)
Seoul, capital of Korea, is a city where you can spend several full and varied days.
This temple is one of the three most beautiful temples in Korea, an essential visit duringa trip to Korea.
Andong (South Korea)
It is the city where the most popular religion of Korea, Confucianism, was born.
Busan (South Korea)
Busan is South Korea's principal seaside resort. Situated to the south of the country, it's got excellent beaches, numerous temples and culturally interesting sites.
Buyeo (South Korea)
A stay in the region of Buyeo will enable you to discover both culture and nature.
A town at the heart of the Jungwon mountains, it's the ideal place to relax.
Gochang is a little provincial town that has two points of interest - an ancient fortress and a dolmen site.
This city to the south west of South Korea gives centre stage to the arts and played an important role in the construction of Korean democracy.
One of the most famous temples of Korea, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Incheon is a much less touristy city than Seoul, however it has a beautiful beach, interesting museums, and a lovely view over the sea. It's ideal for an escape far from the hustle and bustle of Seoul.
A traditional village located near the city of Suncheon.
A town located at the end of a bay, known for its many festivals and its natural heritage.
The city's main attraction is the fortress, dating from the 18th century, and whose ramparts are quite impressive.
Around thirty kilometres from Jeonju, Tapsa Temple and its 80 stone pagodas are a must-see during your trip to Korea.
Daegu (South Korea)
One of the largest cities of Korea, situated in a basin surrounded by mountains.
Coastal city in north-east Korea.
Yongin (South Korea)
A city located in the Seoul area, famous for its theme park, folk village and temples.

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