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What to do in Portugal?

In south-west Europe, nestling between Spain and the Atlantic is one of the least well known destinations on the continent: Portugal. Land of history, with a rich, superbly well-preserved heritage that is nevertheless resolutely modern, the things you can do in this little country (a sixth the size of France) will astonish you, as well as how welcoming its inhabitants are, its food and its traditions . There are lots of ways to explore Portugal! From Lisbon to Porto via the Algarve coast, everything encourages you to relax, and enjoy. From the big towns to the small, remote villages, local dances and dishes that are known the world over, you will be constantly surprised and astonished by the way the Portuguese manage to conserve their customs while making them a natural part of a modern way of life. Add to that its natural beauty and countryside like nowhere else and you have a wonderful cocktail that is bound to please. Travel freely around the country during car tour of Portugal. It's a particularly good place for it !
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Go off the beaten track in Portugal, and discover this attractive country beyond the usual beaches and landmarks. Portugal is a prime example of southern European charm, rooted in tradition and brimming with historic richness despite its compact size. Unearth ancient ruins and discover hidden hotspots on your trip to Portugal off the beaten path.

What’s the best way to travel off the beaten track in Portugal?

Evaneos connects travelers with local English-speaking experts, opening up the best of its hidden beauty. Portugal is famous for its long coastline, where you'll find plenty of less-frequented beach hideaways. Or, discover small towns that pack a punch with their historic and cultural charms.

Best off-the-beaten-track activities and experiences in Portugal

Experience the best of Portugal's hidden delights. Tour crumbling monasteries and relax at authentic neighborhood restaurants, or head to the shores only locals know about.

  • Find Lisbon's best secret beaches

    The Portuguese capital is known for its historic attractions and popular coastal sun spots. But swap Cascais's and Estoril's busy resorts for family-friendly Parede Beach. It's on the same train line as the other beaches, and offers a small sheltered cove.
  • Get to know the Romans in Évora

    This is an excellent day trip extension for a stay in Lisbon. You'll visit a city away from the larger tourist crowds, as you take in its old town centre architecture with a horse and carriage ride. Central Évora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its Roman temple and aqueduct some of its renowned archaeological sites.
  • Take a pilgrimage to Braga

    Braga is a northern Portuguese gem, tucked away near Porto in a tranquil setting. It's nestled in the gorgeous Cávado Valley, sitting below rolling green hills. Bom Jesus do Monte Cathedral is a famous Portuguese landmark. Climbing its 577 baroque-style steps will reward you with access to a historic pilgrimage site.
  • Follow the Templar trail to Castelo Branco

    Castelo Branco, meaning "White Castle," is another magnificent destination. In the 13th century, King Alfonso II ordered his Knights Templar to build a mighty fortress. Climb atop the towering ruins and look out across the town for picture-perfect views.
  • Hike across Guadiana Valley Natural Park

    Near the border with Spain lies this sublime parkland, nestled in a valley that cuts through the local landscape. Hike across the rocks and stop to eat in the medieval village of Serpa. Alternatively, take to a canoe and glide down the River Guadiana for an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Tips for planning an off-the-beaten-track adventure in Portugal

Portugal has an efficient train network. It's ideal for hitting the beaches near the cities and also traveling between towns. In more rural areas, rent a car to get to sites like the Guadiana Valley. Portugal's weather makes it perfect for outdoor activities, so bring your swimming gear and plenty of sunscreen. For more information, check out our advice on the best time to visit Portugal. Evaneos' links to local agencies will provide plenty of options for going off the beaten track in Portugal, with even more hidden gems to discover.

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