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An update from Evaneos

What is the approximate budget for a trip to Mexico

Contrary to more southern destinations in Latin America, a trip to Mexicocan soon become a little bit more pricey. If living expenses such as accommodation or eating are easily manageable, if you plan to move around a lot, public transport is what will form the most important part of your budget.

A voyage for all budgets

In this part of the continent which forms the line between North America and South America, you will soon see through your trip in Mexico that certain elements of expenditure are difficult to master and can weigh heavily on a budget. Mexico is a touristy destination, which is very appreciated and the least we can say is that the country has known how to adapt its welcome infrastructures.

So to stay there you will find a very large choice and range in types of accommodation, you can choose the one which will best suit you. From a youth hostel which is cheap but without much comfort to the most luxurious of establishments, you will be able to put a roof over your head according to your budget.

It's exactly the same when filling one's belly. You will try some excellent mexican cuisinefor not very much at all in the streets or at markets. If you want to have a more elaborate dish or even a much more chic table setting, it is always possible.

In the end, there aren't any problems with making savings. In bus or by plane; the journeys tend to be very long, the vehicles comfortable and the bills often steep.

What does it cost for a meal in Mexico?


Before all else, know that prices in the touristy zones are very variable according to the seasons.

To give you an idea, you can come and stay in a double room in a premier price hotel for less than 300$Me (£12).For less than 800$Me (£30) you can add a night of comfort to your stay. From 1200$Me (£50) you can spend a night in a luxurious establishment.

As far as food goes, you can have a full meal in the markets or in the small road stands for under 80$Me(£3) For less than 150$Me(£10) you will be able to have some lovely local cuisine in a restaurant. A romantic meal in a chic establishment will cost you at least 370$Me(£15) per dish.

To finish, with public transport, it is difficult to give a fixed price. Know simply that prices can vary a lot according to the season, the bus company or the airline, in addition to the date of purchase and your destination.

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