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Prambanan (Indonesia)

Practical information on Prambanan

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3 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
1h30 by bus from Yogyakarta
When to go
From April to November
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Prambanan

Romain Beuvart Seasoned Traveller
89 written opinions

Prambanan is a Hindu temple built in the 9th century and is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site. It is the largest Indonesian complex dedicated to the divinity Shiva.

My suggestion:
If you do not have a local guide, here is the simplest way to get to Prambanan by public transport: take the number 2B from Marlioboro bus stop all the way to Jombor terminal, from there a local bus goes as far as the temple.
My review

It is a little late and under the rain that I arrived in front of Prambanan temple : not the best of conditions to appreciate this imposing monument with its 154 ft. high main tower. As the rain did not take long to let up, I was soon able to appreciate the Candi Prambanan at its just value.

Prambanan did not impress me much , most likely because I have already seen many temples in Asia, including those of Angkor, incomparable. I will not go as far to advise you not to go there, as it remains a beautiful temple and is also an opportunity for those travelling with their family to share a quiet moment. In fact, I came across several Indonesian families who were visiting the temple that day. The little deer situated on the other side of the park will also fill the youngest children with wonder.

I had just enough time to go and take a look at the ruins of Candi Bubrah, undergoing renovation, as well as Candi Lumbung all the way at the back, already closed to the public. I would have to be content with seeing this one just from the entrance and after a glance at some young Indonesians busy on the park's lawn, it was already time to head towards the exit.

Baptiste Rutko Seasoned Traveller
27 written opinions

Along with Borobudur temple, Prambanan is an essential thing to do while you are in Java.

My suggestion:
As is the case for the other unavoidable temple of the region, I recommend that you get to the sanctuary a little before it opens. This way you will get the impression of having the whole place to yourself.
My review

Although when I visited this temple, I was not really on form at this point of my stay in Indonesia , I still rose to the challenge and and got there around 6 in the morning for the opening. An hotel employee drove me to the temple and waited for me while I did the tour: it could not be more practical! You can get there very easily from Yogyakarta city, which I think is THE landing place for accommodation in the area.

About an hour after it opens to the public, it becomes impossible once again to take snapshots without having the crowd on the photos as well. This is why to me going there very early is priceless. Prambanan seems a little more hemmed-in by civilisation than Borobudur temple, but once within the sanctuary you quickly find yourself transported to a timeless place.

Lucie Aidart Seasoned Traveller
29 written opinions

Prambanan is a complex of more than 2000 Shivaist temples dating from the 9th century and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site .

My suggestion:
Remember to bring along water, a hat and sun screen: it gets very hot here right from the early hours of the day.
My review

In my opinion, while on a tour of Indonesia , the best thing is to go to Prambanan temple complex as early in the morning as possible. I chose to do a combined visit of Borobudur temple and Prambanan complex the same morning. First, in Borobudur I watched the sunrise and then I headed straight for Prambanan without wasting any time. This allows you to visit the complex without any disturbance and to escape the sun's rays a little.

First visit the main temples that are very well conserved and then you can take a walk in the park and go and admire the other temples, more or less preserved. I am fascinated by these gigantic constructions, especially when they are half in ruins. If you are approached by a group of tourism students who offer to guide you round the temples, do not hesitate: you will learn a lot of things and you can help them improve their English.

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Local encounters and breathtaking landscapes
Length 14 days Approx. $2,400
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Volcanoes, temples and islands!
Length 13 days Approx. $2,210
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