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Culture and Discovery in Indonesia

No to plastic

If we have loved the Island of Gods, the pearl of Indonesia, which has had such great tourist success for many years now, we can't deny that it is suffering for its fame....
Laetitia Santos3 April 2018
Travel story

Explore the Sunda islands: for nature lovers

Flores and the Sunda islands in general are much less touristic that certain other destinations in Indonesia. Go there to enjoy an authentic adventure in the Indonesian a...
Emilie Couillard17 November 2015
Travel story

Welcome to the Island of Gods and all its marvels.

Bali is a paradise on earth, and it's not for nothing that it's called the Island of Gods. You need to stay there for several days if you really want to appreciate every...
Emilie Couillard17 November 2015
Travel story

Bromo, the pearl of Java

Catch nature unawares as she wakes up...or at least that's what it feels like when you are on the wonderful 2,329 metre high Mount Bromo, on the east of the island of Jav...
Alexandra Maillet6 March 2018
Travel story

Bali surfing trip

A trip to Bali is a series of discoveries, spiritual, cultural, culinary and also of sports. Surfing is one of the attractive facets of the island. Bali with its varied b...
Lisa Gaillard17 November 2015
Travel story

Kawah Ijen - a trip to the bowels of the earth

Kawah Ijen is a volcano unlike any other, located on the extreme east of the island of Java. You can see unique phenomena there which are bound to impress you....
Alexandra Maillet14 November 2015
Travel story
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