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Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul (Indonesia)

Practical information on Tirta Empul

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4 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
15 min from Ubud by scooter
When to go
From March to June and September to November
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Tirta Empul

Solène Roy Seasoned Traveller
25 written opinions

The holy spring of Tirta Empul is the best example of Balinese religious fervour.

My suggestion:
The ceremonies that take place during the full moon are the most impressive.
My review

Located in the region of Ubud, the Tirta Empul holy spring water complex is impressive. It is composed of several temples and pools and is mostly visited by the locals who come here to practise their religious rituals, in this calm place where the only sound to be heard is that of running water...

You will often see Balinese bathing in the pools to purify themselves, surrounded by the temples rendered colourful by the vast number of offering bowls. If you are lucky enough to come here during a religious ceremony, open your eyes wide!

We were invited to join the crowd in the water, where tradition and the healing powers of the spring water were explained to us. An emotionally charged moment, rich in sharing.

Simon Hoffmann Seasoned Traveller
185 written opinions

Tirta Empul is in the centre of the island of Bali. Older than 1000 years, it is home to natural springs considered as sacred.

My suggestion:
The water in the pools at Tirta Empul are supposed to have great powers and cure many ailments, it is an opportunity to take a dip in one of the pools, you never know!
My review

Legend has it that during the battle between the Gods and King Maya Denawa, he set a trap and made them drink poisoned water. After resuscitating his friends, the God Indra brought forth an elixir of immortality from a spring, thereby winning the fight against the King. Since then the spring at Tirta Empul has been considered sacred and a Temple was built there.

This temple holds great importance for the Balinese, the spring waters are reputed to have certain medicinal and curative powers and are the object of pilgrimages during which the Balinese come to pray and bathe in the temple pools. The temple itself is very nice and worth a visit, it is composed of two large pools with many fountains in which visitors bathe. Many religious buildings, pavillions and pagodas complete the ensemble and give the place a mystical atmosphere. Perhaps an idea for a therapeutic holiday ?

Tours and travel ideas Tirta Empul

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Bike through rice fields and temples
Length 12 days Approx. $1,480
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