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An update from Evaneos

New Delhi's hidden corners

Why not go discover the hidden corners of the capital...

The lanes of Old Delhi

For those of you who, on arriving in New Delhi have the feeling you are lost in the middle of this immense town, I advise you to try the lanes of Old Delhi first. For every traveler who arrives in Delhi to begin their journey in India, these lanes are like live theater, where you will discover some of those magical scenes you only see in India.

In the lanes of Old Delhi

Nizamuddin Dargah

In the south of the town, in the middle of the areas where well-off Indians and expatriates from all over the world live, is the charming green and airy suburb of Nizamuddin. It is divided in two parts, Nizamuddin East and Nizamuddin West, by Mathura Avenue.

On the Nizamuddin West side you will find a pleasant Muslim area. And it's here that you will find the amazing town within a town that is the Dargah. This sacred shrine is the tomb of a great Indian Sufi saint. Everyday crowds of believers go there. Surrounded by prayers and offerings, chants, music, and dance, you will feel the mystical atmosphere of this place.

Afterwards, don't miss out on going to eat in one of the Muslim restaurants near the exit of the Dargah. It's one of the few places where you can eat beef during a trip to India, the cow being a sacred animal for the Hindus. Be careful, the dishes are delicious but very spicy, so don't skimp on the chapatis and naans on the side!

Lodi Garden

In the heart of Delhi, there is a haven of peace and tranquility: Lodi Garden. You can visit the magnificent Mughal remains, or relax and watch the Indians flying their kites, or having picnics on the enormous lawns.

For those of you who love to eat good things, don't miss out on the wonderful restaurant in the heart of the gardens: Lodi Garden Restaurant is particularly romantic in the evening, sitting at one of the canopied tables for two. The prices are high compared to the rest of India, it costs about the same as eating in a restaurant in France, but the surroundings are magnificent, the food is divine, and the service is perfect.

Khan Market

Those of you who, during a trip to India, miss Western foodstuffs, like red wine, olive oil, butter, or Nutella, can go toKhan Market!

A sort of mall, it brings together lots of shops of all kinds aimed at well-off Indians, since the prices are even higher than in France, or the expatriates who go there every week to do their shopping.

It also has one of the best stocked pharmacies in New Delhi, plus a large number of shops of all sorts, doctors, and beauty salons.

Nina Montagné
153 contributions