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Culture and Discovery in India

Rajasthan, off the beaten track

A touristy part of India, but also one of prettiest and most interesting of regions. Even so, Rajasthan has plenty of hidden gems that are off the beaten track....
Nina Montagné2 June 2015
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The most northern state of India, in the heart of the Himalaya mountains, only accessible by road two months a year. Nowadays its a stronghold of exiled Tibetans....
Nina Montagné3 April 2018
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Get off the beaten track in India with a stay at Apani Dhani Ecolodge

In the local dialect, "Apani Dhani" means "Our Hamlet", an affectionate name given to the place by Ramesh C. Jangid, founder of the ecolodge and a pioneer of a form of mi...
Laetitia Santos19 November 2015
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In the heart of Rajasthan's desert.

The Thar Desert (aka The Big Indian Desert) is in eastern Rajasthan, to the northwest of India. It doesn't have the mountainous dunes that you find in the Sahara, but th...
Nina Montagné3 June 2015
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On a motorbike in the Himalayas

Lots of travelers attack the Himalayan mountains on two wheels, most of them on old English motorbikes called Royal Enfields. It's one of the best forms of transport for ...
Nina Montagné30 May 2015
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Tamil Nadu's secret pearls

The cultural richness of India's most south-easterly state is fascinating. It's the ideal place for a first trip to this sub-continent and you will be bewitched by its tr...
Nina Montagné29 May 2015
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Kerala, a different world

In the southwest of the country, the state of Kerala is very different from the rest of India. With a much higher proportion of Christians than the rest of the country, a...
Nina Montagné29 May 2015
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Cycling in Hampi

Definitely one of my favorite places in all of India! Magnificent temples and ruins in the countryside around the river... A delight.
Nina Montagné29 May 2015
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New Delhi's hidden corners

For a lot of travelers in India, New Delhi is the capital of everything that they need to get away from as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, the town has some wonderful ...
Nina Montagné28 May 2015
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Goa, between myth and reality

This seaside peninsula, formerly a Portuguese trading post, is an enclave of contrasts and extremes. It's also one of the most touristy areas in India.
Nina Montagné29 May 2015
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