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If you want to enter Iceland and spend some time there, these are the documents you will need to take with you.

Road signs in Reykjavik

Residents of the European Union

Although Iceland is not part of the European Union, it is a member of the Schengen area. This means that all citizens of the EU and other member countries of the Schengen area can enter Iceland with a valid identity card or passport. 

The identity card or passport must have at least a three month period of validity after the end of the planned stay.

Outside the EU and Schengen area

If you are coming from another country, it is advisable to contact the Icelandic embassy in your country of residence to get up-to-date information on the conditions to be fulfilled in order to enter the country.

People who want to stay in the country for longer than three months must register with the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration and the Directorate of Labour.

Duty Free

Iceland is the only country to have free access to duty-free goods on arrival and not just on leaving. You can buy products in the Duty Free shops when you arrive at the airport. Icelanders make the most of this facility by stocking up on alcohol, which is normally very expensive in the country. You might like to follow their example when you arrive. 

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