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While famous for the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame, there's a lot more to France off the beaten track. From quaint towns in Burgundy to the charming but overlooked nooks in the Riviera, you'll discover more of France's rich heritage and culture. Active travelers will love touring France by bike, or just sitting back and enjoying the food and local wine.

What's the best way to travel off the beaten track in France?

Trust in Evaneos to connect you with the best local guides. These English-speaking experts know the best hidden local spots, whether you want undiscovered sites in Paris or the Côte d'Azur's beaches. The country is famed for its delicious cuisine and varied geography, perfect when enjoying France off the beaten track.

The best off-the-beaten-track activities and experiences in France

Even if you've already been before, you can return to France over and over again and stumble upon more hidden delights you may have missed. Countless destinations in France allow you to avoid crowds and mingle with the locals.

  • Rediscover the joys of Paris

Impress your traveling companions with the capital's lesser-known spots. Get out of the city center and visit Bercy Village, an area with a fabulous wine market and great restaurants. The Louxor Palais du Cinéma is a classic movie theater, ideal for a night out that recaptures Paris' old glamour.

  • Find great food and wine in Dijon

Known for its fabulous mustard, Dijon is also home to many wonderful vineyards. Go on a tour to discover Burgundy's very best wines (and perhaps buy a few bottles, too!). There are also many wine shops in town, meaning you'll get more than just excellent condiments out of Dijon.

  • Experience elegant Toulon

Saint-Tropez and Cannes are synonymous with the French Riviera's glitz, which visitors often flock to instead of beautiful Toulon. This charming port town is nestled between Mont Faron and the Mediterranean Sea, with a magnificent historic center.

  • Lose yourself in Besançon's beauty

Besançon captures France's picture-perfect architecture well, with its red roofs and riverside streets. The Jura Mountains are close by, offering green rolling slopes and many hiking and cycling trails. Hop on a bike and stop by the village shops for local cheese and other goodies.

  • Climb to Dieppe's hilltop castle

Dieppe is an important French port, with links to the south of the UK just across the English Channel. Stop here perhaps after sailing across from a trip to England, see the views from Dieppe Castle, and walk across its pebbled beaches.

Tips for planning an off-the-beaten-path adventure in France

France has a varied climate depending on where you go, and the best time to visit France depends on what you want to experience. Summers in the south are dependably hot, so bring some swimwear and cover up from the sun. The high-speed TGV trains are superb for zipping across France. Car rental is ideal for getting around the countryside or book a driver for winery tours. No matter what you choose, Evaneos partners with English-speaking agencies based in France to tailor your trip to France off the beaten path.

When to go in France?

France's temperate climate makes it a fairly pleasant country to visit all year round, though you do need to bear in mind that it can get very cold in winter, especially in the north and the east, and very hot in summer, particularly in the south. Many French people (and other Europeans) choose to holiday on the Mediterranean coast in August. This can make the price of accommodation particularly high at this time of year, and the most popular and well-known coastal resorts can get very busy. Shops more or less everywhere will be closed for the annual holidays too. So avoid August if you plan to go on a shopping spree!
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