Cities in France

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The best cities to visit in France

The wealth of history, art, and fine food and wine in France is best experienced by visiting its cities. From Paris in the north, with its iconic landmarks and world-class restaurants, to the laid-back charm of Nice on the French Riviera, cities in France offer an array of cultural, culinary, and coastal delights.

What makes France’s cities unique?

France has enjoyed a colorful history, contributing to some of the greatest art movements from the Renaissance to the 20th century. To really get to the heart of France's cultural and historical allure, there is no better place than in its stunning cities.

The top cities in France to include in your trip itinerary

  • Paris - city of light and love

    Eternally popular with romantics, the city of Paris is undoubtedly the jewel in the French crown. Take a sunset stroll on the historical Ile de la Cite island or head up to the artistic quarter of Montmartre, where you can enjoy fantastic views from the steps of the Sacre Coeur.

  • Relax on the beach in Nice

    Situated on the idyllic French Riviera, Nice is a city with beautiful Mediterranean beaches and the famous Promenade des Anglais. Art lovers should visit the Matisse Museum or the Marc Chagall National Museum, both of which house exceptional collections by two luminaries of French art.

  • Experience Roman France in the city of Nimes

    France is home to some well-preserved Roman buildings, but nowhere more so than in the city of Nimes. Often called the most Roman city outside of Italy, Nimes is home to several temples and an amphitheater, while the impressive Pont du Gard, a three-tier Roman aqueduct, is located just a few miles away.

  • Sample the best Bordeaux wine

    The region around Bordeaux, on the western Atlantic coast, is famous for its fine red wines and many vineyards offer tours to visitors. The city itself is a treasure trove of fine French architecture, from the winding cobbled streets of the old town to the vast 18th and 19th century squares.
  • Grenoble - in the foothills of the Alps

    Situated in an Alpine valley, the French city of Grenoble is perhaps best known for its stunning mountainous scenery. But the city itself is also home to a historic fortress, which can be reached by cable car, as well as the intriguing Museum of the Resistance.

Tips for planning a city break in France

French cities are served by an excellent network of high-speed trains. If you choose to drive, be aware that you have to pay tolls on the highways. The best way to really get a feel for any French city is to get advice from Evaneos' expert local partners, who can book trips and arrange tours tailored to your interests and advise you on the best time to visit.

When to go in France?

France's temperate climate makes it a fairly pleasant country to visit all year round, though you do need to bear in mind that it can get very cold in winter, especially in the north and the east, and very hot in summer, particularly in the south. Many French people (and other Europeans) choose to holiday on the Mediterranean coast in August. This can make the price of accommodation particularly high at this time of year, and the most popular and well-known coastal resorts can get very busy. Shops more or less everywhere will be closed for the annual holidays too. So avoid August if you plan to go on a shopping spree!
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