Fall in France

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Start planning your fall trip to France

Fall in France offers some of the best outdoor activities. It’s also a glorious time to celebrate France’s culinary traditions. There are chestnuts to be picked, new wines to be tasted, and monument sites accessible at a fraction of the price of summer trips. Temperatures start to drop in most parts of France in fall, meaning beaches are less popular, but it’s a fantastic time to experience some of the best outdoor activities across the country.

Why should I visit France in the fall?

Visiting France during fall is a brilliant vacation experience. With smaller crowds and more affordable resorts, travelers get to experience a more personal adventure, with countless parks and attractions remaining open and seeing far fewer tourists. As the leaves change with the season, the flush of color along the streets and inside parks can feel like a scene out of a fairytale. 

The best things to do in France in the fall

From tasting the first harvests of Beaujolais Nouveau and foraging for mushrooms in the countryside, to sightseeing in Paris and exploring historical sites, there is a wealth of amazing experiences during fall in France.

Forage for mushrooms and chestnuts

Mushrooms and chestnuts are plentiful during the fall. Foraging provides the best opportunity for long walks through the forests while admiring the beautiful carpet of red and gold leaves dazzling underfoot.

Learn about European heritage

Paris has some of the country’s best museums and galleries, often with lower prices in the fall. Around the third weekend in September sees some monuments made free-to-enter, while other privately-owned properties and collections become accessible to the public as well. A visit to the eerily beautiful Père-Lachaise Cemetery to see the grave of Oscar Wilde is an excellent activity in fall.

Take part in Paris Games Week

Taking place on the last weekend in October, this week-long event brings together video game enthusiasts from all over France and the world. Visitors will get the chance to meet famous YouTube stars, streamers, and the people behind the technologies that run these powerful games.

Get spooked in the city

During the fall in France, visitors can experience Halloween unlike anywhere else in the world. Le Manoir de Paris is especially popular for people who wish to brave a walk through the gloomy and haunted halls. This old ceramics house in the center of Paris hosts an evening of scary shows featuring Parisian legends. This one’s not for the faint-hearted.

Get a taste of Beaujolais Nouveau

On the third Thursday in November, France's most popular wine goes on sale for the first time since it was bottled. The celebrations around its sale makes it one of the most popular events during fall in France, giving visitors a true taste of French wine.

What's the weather like in France in the fall?

At the height of the French fall, the weather is warm, especially in the south of the country. While there is the occasional rain, you’ll normally enjoy clear blue skies.

When to go in France?

France's temperate climate makes it a fairly pleasant country to visit all year round, though you do need to bear in mind that it can get very cold in winter, especially in the north and the east, and very hot in summer, particularly in the south. Many French people (and other Europeans) choose to holiday on the Mediterranean coast in August. This can make the price of accommodation particularly high at this time of year, and the most popular and well-known coastal resorts can get very busy. Shops more or less everywhere will be closed for the annual holidays too. So avoid August if you plan to go on a shopping spree!
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