Beautiful scenery with an islands and tourist cruise boats in the archipelago Cat Ba, North Vietnam
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monkey island in Lan Ha bay, the southestern part of Ha Lng Bay, Vietnam
Cat Ba National Park, Vietnam

Explore land and sea on Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island


Located off the coast of northern Vietnam, Cat Ba Island is part of an archipelago of hundreds of small islands. A great way to discover the island is to climb to the Cannon Fort for a panoramic view of the surrounding coast, islands and coves.

Cat Ba National Park covers most of the island and is an ideal destination for trekking. You will be able to observe many animals, including the golden-headed langur, a local species of monkey. Depending on your itinerary, you can hike for a few hours or an entire day to reach the fishing village of Viet Hai. Accessible only by boat or from the park, this village, which is the oldest on the island, is ideal for a bike ride.

The Cat Ba Archipelago with its tiny islands, sometimes called sugar loaves, can also be explored by water. Why not enjoy a kayak trip around Lan Ha Bay, or a junk boat cruise to discover the local floating fishing villages? Some of our local agencies can also offer you the opportunity to spend a night on a junk boat.

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