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Man doing Tai Chi on beach
The girl in the mud bath. Concept of rest. Nha Trang, Vietnam

Indulge in the art of Vietnamese wellness


Vietnam is ideal for when you want to get away on a relaxation and wellness break. In both major cities as well as the countryside, you will find places to recharge your batteries and discover the Vietnamese way of life, like during a tai chi class at sunrise.

You can also take advantage of the thermal spa treatments available in Thanh Thuy, located a few miles west of Hanoi. Here, you can indulge in many traditional treatments, such as a medicinal plant bath or a hot mud bath, which purifies the skin and relieves muscle and joint pain.

Our local agencies offer you a chance to discover Yijinjing, a set of Shaolin physical exercises that prepare the body for movement. And if you are passionate about martial arts, don't miss an introductory class on Vovinam. Vovinam is a Vietnamese martial art created in Hanoi. Its motto is "be strong to be useful," and it is particularly known for its spectacular acrobatic fighting style.

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