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Ban Gioc Waterfall or Detian Falls, Vietnam's best-known waterfall located in Cao bang Border with China
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Les chutes de Ban Gioc
Eurasian teenaged travelers standing on bridge, with Ban Gioc Waterfalls in background. Cao Bang province, North Vietnam

Admire the emerald hues of the Ban Gioc falls


The Ban Gioc waterfalls lie on the Chinese-Vietnamese border and are the largest in Vietnam, flowing across three levels. Take a boat ride to enjoy the refreshing spray or venture by foot to admire the panoramic views. If you prefer to wander off the beaten track, we suggest a hike along the mountain paths in the Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark to view the waterfalls from the green rice paddies. Here, you'll stumble upon bamboo forests and the lakes formed by the flowing water.

If you want to visit the natural site of Ban Gioc, the best way is to stay in Cao Bang and take the road through Ma Phuc Pass, where you can enjoy a captivating view of the province's limestone hills.

When visiting the Ban Gioc waterfalls, we also recommend exploring the surrounding area, including Nguom Ngao Cave, located just a few miles away. This spectacular grotto, formed by an underground river, offers up a unique and mystical experience.

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