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L'entrée de la maison ancienne de M. Huynh Thuy Le (l'amant chinois du roman de Marguerite Duras)
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Photos de jeunesse de Marguerite Duras (1914-1996), photo de l'école où enseignait sa mère et photo prise au moment du tournage du film l'Amant. Les cadres sont accrochés à un des murs de la maison ancienne de M. Huynh Thuy Le
L'école bilingue francophone Trung Vuong (Sa Dec, Vietnam)

Follow in the footsteps of Marguerite Duras at Sa Dec


French writer Marguerite Duras spent her youth in Sa Dec, in the Mekong Delta, during the French Indochina period. Her mother was a teacher there, and you can still visit the Truong Vong school in Sa Dec, where she taught. This school is still in operation as a bilingual French primary school.

A little further east is the former home of Huynh Thuy Le, the rich Chinese man immortalized in the novel L'Amant, winner of the 1984 Prix Goncourt. Although Marguerite Duras was never invited to visit, the building has been considered a cultural relic since 2006. During your visit to the "lover's home", you will be able to see many photos of Jean-Jacques Annaud's film adaptation of the novel, as well as pictures of Huynh Thuy Le's family. Although the building was requisitioned and used a police station for a time, the memory of L'Amant is still present there, notably through the wooden altar of his Chinese ancestors.

During your stay in Sa Dec, our local agencies can arrange for you to spend the night on the banks of the Mekong River, where you can admire the boats that sail slowly while you dream of the meeting between Marguerite Duras and her lover.

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