Farmer showing red and picked coffee beans in his hands
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Luwak coffee, Kopi luwak is coffee that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet at coffee drying yard in Dalat, Vietnam
Tea plantation in Moc Chau, Vietnam. Vietnam has a huge potential in agro-products such as paddy rice, tea, coffee

Visit Buon Ma Thuot's coffee plantations

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Vietnam is the world's second-largest coffee producer, which means that visiting the Buon Ma Thuot coffee plantations is a must on your trip. Discover Robusta coffee, grown in Vietnam’s central highlands. At the beginning of the 20th century, French settlers imported the first coffee plants for cultivation in the extremely fertile red soil around the city of Buon Ma Thuot.

Coffee fields stretch as far as the eye can see among the mountains around the city. We recommend hiking around Buon Ma Thuot to admire the landscapes and enjoy the aroma of the coffee plants. As you wander through the plantations, you'll pass through typical small villages where you can discover the native traditions.

Our local agencies can recommend which plantations to visit and learn about the coffee growing techniques of the region's producers. Experiencing Buon Ma Thuot also involves discovering the original flavors of Vietnamese black gold coffee, which is served in a small glass. On the high plateaus and in the city, you can enjoy the different ways of drinking coffee in Vietnam: dark, with milk or iced.

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