Bizarre construction of the Crazy house in Dalat, Vietnam
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Hang Nga guesthouse, popularly known as the Crazy House
Crazy-House in Vietnam, Dalat

Spend the night in a unique hotel in Dalat


This guest house in Dalat promises you a night like no other. This accommodation is the work of the architect Dang Viet Nga, who decided to break free from the rules of classical architecture and explore new shapes and structures. The end result? An unconventional building that was quickly named the "Crazy House" by the locals, a name that has been officially adopted.

The architecture is a striking blend of natural and modern elements. It seems straight out of a Salvador Dali painting or a Walt Disney film, like Alice in Wonderland. Get lost in its tunnels, passages among the branches, and stairways with a view of the city and its ladders.

The rooms have a fully equipped bathroom and a large mattress specially designed for the room. You can choose from nine rooms each with a delightful decoration, mirrors on the ceiling and giant sculptures of wooden animals that the rooms are named after: bear, eagle or kangaroo.

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