People are holding boards to play at the Red sand dunes
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Before sunset with rainbow at Sand dunes in Bau Trang- Mui Ne- Binh Thuan Province Vietnam. Bau Trang is a famous landscape near Mui Ne Beach
nowboarding training in summer season. Sand boarding in desert.

Go sandboarding on the red dunes of Mui Ne


A seaside resort located in the south of Vietnam, the city of Mui Ne is ideal for relaxing on the beach, kitesurfing and enjoying fresh seafood. The region is also filled with unexpected landscapes, such as the Fairy Stream, which resembles the panoramas of the Grand Canyon with its steep red and white cliffs and waterfall.

But for a truly unforgettable experience, you have to go to the dunes. There are two areas in Mui Ne: the red dunes, which can easily be accessed by motorcycle from the city, and the white dunes a little further away, which make you feel like you are in the middle of the desert, though really, you are only a few miles from the sea. These dunes are the ideal place to admire the sunset, when the blue and orange colors of the sky blend with the colors of the sand.

The must-do activity is sandboarding on the dunes of Mui Ne. During your climb, you can rent a plastic board for your descent, for thrills that will remind you of snowboarding. Rolling and laughing in the sand will definitely be on the agenda.

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