Lanterns and Boat in Hoi An, Vietnam
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New year celebration with fireworks in Ho Chi Minh city center
Chinese Lunar New Year or Tet decorations on the street, Vietnam

Celebrate Têt, the Vietnamese New Year


Têt, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is the most important event of the year. Têt takes place between the end of January and the beginning of February. According to tradition, Têt is the day on which the souls of the dead return to Earth. Families celebrate this day by gathering around altars dedicated to their ancestors, and celebrations are also held in pagodas.

Celebrating Têt in Hanoi offers an opportunity to taste bánh chung (sticky rice cakes), which are a staple treat for the event. You can find shops in the city that have been making and selling these tasty specialities for over 200 years.

Têt celebrations are accompanied by many displays of fireworks after dark. Têt in Ho Chi Minh City sees the cities adorned with ochna petals, which are golden flowers symbolizing luck and prosperity.

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