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Weaver in Vietnam
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Closeup view of hands of a senior asian potter forming clay into a pot on a turntable. Image of asian handcrafts and manuafacture
Man woven hat from bamboo Focus locally and add artificial orange light. For the beauty of the picture.

Learn about traditional Vietnamese handicrafts


In Vietnam, working with bronze, wood, ceramics and paper has a history spanning several millennia. If you want to discover this heritage, our local agencies will recommend small villages where you can support the local artisans by buying authentic souvenirs.

Our local Evaneos agencies can offer visits and workshops where you can try your hand at making traditional crafts. For something lightweight that won’t take up much space in your luggage, opt for a lantern-making course. If you want to combine crafts and outdoor activity, you can participate in a workshop for making traditional kites. The artisans will help you to make a paper-covered bamboo kite, which is associated with the dry season and good weather in Vietnam.

You can also visit the northern part of the country to learn about pottery, and meet villagers who make ceramics in Bat Trang. We also recommend a visit to Quat Dong village near Hanoi, which is famous for its embroideries that once adorned royal costumes.

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