Traditional street food in Vietnam,Asian food,Vietnam sausage
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Streetside food in Hanoi
Man enjoying a meal with chopsticks in vietnamese restaurant

Savor the culinary specialities of Vietnam

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Vietnam is an ideal destination for food lovers. You will have many opportunities to enjoy the more than ten different kinds of phô, the national dish. If you want to enjoy phô as the Vietnamese do, then you should order it for breakfast.

The Mekong region in the south has a number of dishes that might surprise you, like elephant ear fish. This local speciality is served upright, so the flesh can be easily removed with chopsticks as you eat. You can also try Mekong wine, which is made from rice and has a fermented snake or scorpion in the bottle.

To get a better overview of Vietnamese cuisine and bring back some recipes from your trip, contact our local Evaneos agencies to schedule a Vietnamese cooking class. You can take these classes in large cities, such as Hanoi, or while taking a cruise on a junk boat. And if you want to become an expert in phô, don't miss a workshop on making rice noodles.

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