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Rice fields on terraced of Mu Cang Chai, YenBai, Rice fields prepare the harvest at Northwest Vietnam.Vietnam landscapes
Woman tourist visits green valley of rice fields

Meet Vietnam's local communities


Vietnam's valleys and highlands are home to the many tribes that cultivate the terraced fields and maintain ancestral traditions. Meeting with these communities gives you a deeper insight into the different languages and customs of the country.

These groups often coexist within very small geographical areas, each with their own recognizable characteristics and beliefs. To connect with the local people, Sapa is a great destination to visit. Here, the Black Hmong, Tay and Red Dao peoples cultivate the surrounding lands, forming a cultural mosaic. Active travelers can meet these groups on a hike to the small villages of the area, while those interested in local crafts can admire the colorful stalls of each group at the traditional markets.

The Central Highlands is another region where you can learn more about the daily life of Vietnam's communities. We recommend going to the Central Highlands to meet the Dzao, Sedra or Thai people during a trek through the picturesque little villages around Pleiku and Kontum. Opt to stay in a house on stilts, which are typical of the Jarai ethnic group, and attend ceremonial rituals accompanied by the music of bamboo instruments.

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