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Girl in a hot spring in Iceland Landmannalaugar. Relaxing in a natural hot bath
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Icelandic hotpot among the amazing lagoon and mountains
Secret swimming pool in the valley, Iceland

Take a dip in Iceland's hot springs


For Icelanders, bathing in hot springs isn’t just a hobby, it's a tradition. With more than 100 active volcanoes, you could say Iceland is buzzing. Known for its high level of geothermal activity and numerous geysers and natural pools, immerse yourself in Iceland's culture by relaxing among the basalt rocks and subarctic vegetation. We recommend going for a swim in one of the island's lagoons.

Begin your journey towards relaxation in the Blue Lagoon’s turquoise waters. Surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, this spa resort in southwest Iceland is where you can enjoy the scenery while bathing in 102°F water. If you prefer more secluded places, hike the Kerlingarfjöll mountain range in Iceland’s Highlands.

After a few hours of walking in this orange-hued volcanic massif, you will reach a spectacular array of hot springs. For thrillseekers, a swim in Lake Víti is not to be missed. Located in a crater in Askja in the center of Iceland, this hot spring, with its milky-colored waters, is surrounded by lava fields.

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