Golden sky behind the stones Reynisdrangar, long shot from the black beach in Vík. - people standing and taking a photo of this scenery
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The village of Vik in South Iceland. In the distance the cliffs of Reynisdrangar. In the foreground the wooden church of Vik in Myrdal
Young Caucasian man in Icelandic sweater looking at the rocks in the sea in Iceland

Admire Vik’s extraordinary panorama


Located southeast of Reykjavik, the village of Vik is the perfect destination for a stroll alongside surreal-colored landscapes. On the nearby Reynisfjara Peninsula, discover beaches adorned with black sand created by the erosion of basalt, a type of volcanic rock formed by the rapid cooling of magma.

When the waves’ white foam meets the black sand, it creates a spectacular sight. Looking towards the sea, you’ll also spot the rocky pillars of Reynisdrangar, remnants of ancient cliff faces that still rise from the water. Icelanders have many legends about these pillars, including one that says the pillars are the bodies of trolls, frozen forever because they were unable to find shelter from the sunlight.

Just outside the village, geology experts and amateurs alike will appreciate the view of basalt columns on the Reynisfjall Cliffs. Created by the cooling of volcanic rocks, it’s hard to believe that these works of art were created entirely by nature. You might also be able to catch a glimpse of the local wildlife with your binoculars as June through August is a great time to see puffins, which frequently gather near the ocean.

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