Two Humpback Whales while whale watching in Dalvik, Iceland
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Whale watching
Small crew's after the humpback whales

Meet the whales along the Icelandic coast


The whale is one of Iceland's most famous animals—and there are plenty of opportunities to go out to sea to admire these marine mammals without disturbing their tranquility. One of the species you will most likely encounter is the curious and friendly minke whale, which often approaches boats. Be sure to head to Húsavík, Iceland’s whale capital. Originally a fishing village, this town in the northern part of the country is known for whale watching.

Many species, like the humpback whale, the pilot whale, and especially the minke whale, come here to feed in summer. The ideal season to spot them is from May to September, however, you can take boat trips from Húsavík and whale-watch all year round. Also located in the north, the Eyjafjörður fjord is the starting point for whale watching trips. Here, you’ll see one of the most beautiful fjords in the country and spot several marine animal species.

In addition to humpback whales, you’ll catch a glimpse of white-beaked dolphins, porpoises, and maybe even Willy’s family. In fact, Keiko, the killer whale, and star of the film Free Willy, was originally from this fjord.

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