Outdoor adventure with teenager in Iceland, Hiking, Highland, near Kerlingarfjöl
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Female traveller is standing at the edge of Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon in Iceland on a beautiful sunny winter day
Scenic view of man in blue raincoat looking at Thórsmörk river valley in Iceland Highlands

Explore Iceland's trails and discover its landscapes


Walking is the best way to discover all that Iceland has to offer. Most of this mountainous and glacier-covered country is still in its wild state and many natural sites are not accessible via road. Discover isolated nooks and enjoy peaceful landscapes as you roam the island's trails.

Casual hikers, walking on the Leirhnjúkur Volcano in the Lake Mývatn area is a great place to start. Make your way around this recently erupted volcano and see lava fields, fumaroles, and bubbling mud pools, which make for captivating sights—and photo opportunities. Experienced hikers can embark on a trek in the heart of the Landmannalaugar region, in the south of the island. You’ll encounter ochre mountains, green valleys, and natural pools as you cross this volcanic massif.

Iceland is also the ideal destination for travelers looking to combine hiking with geological discoveries. Situated in the center of Iceland, the Askja region is the perfect place to learn more about Iceland's volcanic system and topography. Be sure to observe the different types of geological formations that tell the story of the island’s evolution.

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