Facade of the farmhouse and ancient rural wheelbarrow. The concept of the historical and cultural tourism. Ethnographic Museum-estate Glaumbaer, Iceland
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Hallgrimskirkja church and Reykjavik cityscape in Iceland aerial view
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Discover Icelandic culture via its monuments and museums


Often associated with volcanic landscapes and green plains, Iceland is also home to architectural and artistic gems just waiting to be discovered. The island's many museums and monuments are where you can uncover the full spectrum of Icelandic culture. To learn more about the country's history and traditions, visit the Settlement Museum in Borgarnes. This quaint museum among the fjords is where you can admire exhibits depicting the Vikings and trace their discovery of the island.

If you’re traveling with children, we recommend visiting the Whales of Iceland Museum in Reykjavik, the largest whale exhibition in the world. Young and old alike can marvel at life-size reproductions of marine mammals. If you’re interested in contemporary art and modern architecture, the Hallgrímskirkja Church is one of Reykjavik's must-see landmarks. Its building pays homage to Iceland’s landscapes and its facade is inspired by the country's famous basalt columns.

Then, make your way to the capital's harbor and admire the Sun Voyager sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason. Set against the backdrop of the ocean and snow-covered mountains, this steel Viking longship looks as if it is traveling towards the sunset. Take advantage of this location for some postcard-worthy snapshots.

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