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Costa Rica is a brilliant destination for those seeking to relax, reboot their body, and embrace complete mindfulness in one of the world's most beautiful locations. With sublime surfing and paddle-boarding on the coast and lush forests with world-class eco-lodges, a wellness trip in Costa Rica might be exactly what you need to reset your body and mind.

What makes Costa Rica a great destination for a wellness trip?

A wellness trip in Costa Rica means taking time to slow down, relax and recharge in one of the greatest natural landscapes in the world. Thanks to its extensive biodiversity, Costa Rica has some of the most fascinating landscapes on the planet, with lush flora and unique animal species throughout. This natural wealth makes it the ideal destination if you’re looking for wellness activities, including sweat lodges, jungle retreats, coastal surfing and yoga.

The best wellness experience in Costa Rica

With so many ways to enjoy a wellness break, here are the top experiences in Costa Rica for rest and relaxation.

Stay in one of Costa Rica's world-famous eco-lodges

Costa Rica is world-renowned for its hundreds of excellent eco-lodges, all built with the sole purpose of protecting and preserving the natural environment. This low-impact style of accommodation is perfect for a wellness break, as you’ll likely wake up to the sounds of the ocean lapping the shores or enjoy the tweeting of tropical birds in the rainforest as you have breakfast. Facilities are usually built only with materials which are indigenous to the area, lodges often generate their own energy, and are generally as self-sufficient as possible.

Paddleboard around Samara Beach

Find your balance as you paddleboard out on the waters of the Pacific Ocean beyond Samara Beach. Get as far as Isla Chlora and you’ll meet iguanas, monkeys and hermit crabs on the sand. Paddleboarding is a relaxing way to exercise while enjoying the coastal heart of Costa Rica.

Get spiritual with traditional Costa Rican ceremonies

If spirituality is what you’re after, Costa Rica’s cacao ceremony is a fascinating part of the culture. You’ll drink the mouth-puckeringly bitter raw cacao, then meditate to find a sense of calm and serenity within yourself. Raw cacao is known to have more antioxidants than blueberries, making this ceremony good for the body as well as the mind.

Experience sound therapy in the jungles of Costa Rica

Sound therapy has been a local tradition in Costa Rica for thousands of years and is a unique experience not to be missed. Used to treat stress, sleep disorders, anxiety and high blood pressure, sound therapy in the natural Costa Rican jungle is the perfect way to relax and recover.

Visit a sweat lodge in Quepos

Another ancient tradition in Costa Rica is the use of sweat lodges, in which a purification ceremony takes place. Spiritual leaders offer guidance inside the lodge, which is heated by natural fire, and the experience is thought to cleanse your body and mind of toxins and distractions.

Tips for planning wellness getaway in Costa Rica

The best time for a wellness break in Costa Rica is during the dry season, from mid-December until April. The weather generally remains dry and comfortable during this period, so there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy wellness activities outdoors.

When to go in Costa Rica?

The climate of Costa Rica is tropical, with the country experiencing both a dry season and a rainy season. The best time to visit Costa Rica is during the dry season, between December and April. It is noticeably hotter at the coast than in the center of the country. Coastal areas are hot, with temperatures of around 30 degrees, whereas the central area remains temperate all year round and experiences temperatures of around 17 degrees. Costa Rica is a superb country to discover and explore, consisting of mountains, forests and heavenly beaches, and with one of the most favorable climates you could wish for.
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