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What to do in Costa Rica?

Welcome to our tours page of Costa Rica. You are about to set foot in one of the world’s most beautiful ecological gems. The land which Christopher Columbus named the “rich coast” is now seen as one of the safest and most progressive countries in South America. The only thing to be found in Costa Rica is the Pura Vida (literally “pure life”), an optimistic zest for life in all circumstances… The Costa Ricans (or Ticos for insiders) are constantly cheerful and welcoming to visitors! Costa Rica was also the first nation in the world to dissolve its army, a testament to their commitment to peace and prosperity above all else. It is regularly classed as one of the top countries for standards of living, and has a remarkable development model that prioritizes education, health care and protection of the environment. If you are a nature lover, you will find yourself in heaven… Costa Rica is a pioneering country in the field of ecotourism, and has an extremely rich biodiversity. Several unique species can be found in some of the country’s 33 national parks and reserves: no less than 25% of the Costa Rican territory is protected! To visit Costa Rica is to discover a wild paradise in which people are truly happy – what more could you want?

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When to go in Costa Rica?

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Start planning your Costa Rica hiking adventure

Hiking in Costa Rica will prove to be an unforgettable experience for keen walkers and those new to trekking. This beautiful Central American nation is renowned among hikers for its gorgeous landscapes and superb trails, with stunning scenery and fascinating wildlife around almost every corner.

What makes Costa Rica a great destination for hiking?

The diversity of landscapes in Costa Rica sets this country apart from its neighbours, and makes it a stand out destination for hiking trips. Whether you want to hike through lush jungle or take challenging trails up the side of mountainous volcanoes, Costa Rica's climate, vegetation, wildlife, and varying terrain all combine to create unique trails.

The best places to go hiking in Costa Rica

It's hard to narrow down the best hikes in Costa Rica as there are so many spectacular options. The following hikes are some of the can’t-miss opportunities for hikers in Costa Rica.

Walk up Mount Chirripo

Mount Chirripo is the tallest mountain in Costa Rica, reaching 12,500 feet. The hike takes up to two days and starts at the Chirripo cloud forest. You'll travel over steep rocky terrain to arrive at the peak, where you'll get unobscured views of the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean Sea.

Explore the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

In this amazing reserve, you can look forward to easy hiking trails that are well marked and maintained. A hike through the entire reserve will take you a day. Apart from the lush foliage, you'll also come across suspension bridges and majestic waterfalls, as well as myriad exotic birds.

Hike different terrains at Corcovado National Park

You require a certified guide for exploring this trail as there are several wild creatures like crocodiles and spider monkeys in the area. It is a national park with a mix of terrains like rushing rivers, dense rainforests, rocky ravinesand beaches.

Journey to La Fortuna waterfall

In the Alajuela Province, La Fortuna Waterfall is a fantastic hiking option. At the bottom of the Chato volcano, its waters drop almost 250 feet into a freshwater pool below. Bring your hiking boots and your swimming gear, as after the trek there you can cool off in the pool beneath the falls. There’s an $18 entrance fee and access is via a 500-step staircase. 

Marvel at abandoned ruins on Miro Mountain

Miro Mountain offers trekkers a short but challenging trek to reach the peak, where fantastic views of Jaco and Playa Hermosa can be enjoyed on clear days. The first stretch of the trek is the hardest, as the terrain is rather steep, but the rewards worthwhile. En route, don’t miss the El Miro Ruins, an abandoned mansion.

Tips for planning a hiking tour in Costa Rica

Always ensure you have the necessary permits for hiking in Costa Rica, whether on trails or within national parks. Waterproof shoes are also ideal to have when hiking in wet areas. Pack a lightweight poncho or raincoat just in case it starts to rain. Sunscreen for hot days and insect repellent are other must-haves.

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