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An update from Evaneos

Fenghuang, the last Chinese bastion against the ferocious Miaos

About Hunan, I had heard only of the Zhangjiajie park, and its karst formations worthy of Chinese etchings… the rest of the province was totally unknown to me, until I started planning my stay and I saw a picture of Fenghuang. An immediate case of love at first sight... we decided that we would end our road trip in this charming little riverside town. However, I had heard that Fenghuang was becoming a small Lijiang, that it was invaded by hordes of Chinese tourists, and that the place had already somewhat lost its soul… nothing could make me change my mind and it was a good thing, because despite many Chinese tourists, I appreciated this stop a lot and I wanted to spend a few more hours there!

Amelie Perrier
10 contributions