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Generally, spring and autumn are the most clement periods  for going to China. October, April-May, and in a lesser measure, September are the the favorite months for Chinese visitors, as well as foreigners. The temperatures are pleasant more or less everywhere, there is relatively little rainfall, and the vegetation and colors are particularly beautiful. In any case, avoid the public holidays, when the major cities and tourist sites will be under attack!
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Great, maybe our time at the panda reserve where my daughter and myself volunteered that day. Will always be a memory never to forget.
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This is the more countryside part of China, away from big cities, where you find yourself in ancient villages that kept their history alive, and landscapes that take your breath away ! In Yunnan: Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and sites around; in Guangxi; Yangshuo and the rice paddies of Longji; wonderful trip very well organized by Travelstone; they have been very responsive to my expectations, for the intensity of the program, the choices of accommodations and kept in touch during the trip ; well done !
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Yellow mountains china
We had a great time but would not go back to bejing again. Guide in bejing was not up to the same standard as the others. It felt like he was reeling off the bare minimum of information. He was very pleasant though. The organisation was superb and everything worked like clockwork.
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