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6 reasons to travel to Burma

Burma has only recently opened up to tourism and remains a country little known to Westerners. It is new as a travel destination, and is attracting more and more visitors every year. An extraordinary country, unusually welcoming and with the wonderful things it has to offer spread across its whole territory, Burma is definitely worth visiting. Here's some of the very good reasons why.

Head off on a spiritual journey

It's almost impossible to count the number of pagodas in Burma. Ninety percent of the population belongs to the Buddhist religion. Every town and village has its own stupa and almost every Burmese person spends time as a monk or nun at some point in their life, whether for a period of just a few months, or for several years. So everywhere you go, from Bagan to Shewadagon, and including Pindaya and other, less well known sites, you will have the opportunity to explore and discover more about this religion.

Visiting and exploring Pindaya

This labyrinthine cave, with its 8,000 Buddhas, has managed to retain a certain aura of mystery, despite being popular with tourists. It's a place where it is always possible to find somewhere to be alone and meditate for a few minutes. To reach the older statues, you do have to crawl on all fours or clamber over rocks on occasion.

Experience the marvel of Inle Lake

If there's one essential photo to take when in Burma, it's that of the fishermen at Inle Lake : men, standing and using one leg to control their paddle, against a backdrop of blue. it's extraordinary, traditionally authentic and magical. And then there are the hotels on stilts at the edge of the water, extraordinary places to spend the night. Finally, there's the floating market and its traders, selling unique local arts and craft products. Though very (perhaps too) popular with tourists, Inle Lake is worth visiting for a short break and for the chance to meet the local inhabitants and learn about their customs.

Take a trip back in time

Despite recently opening up more to tourists, Burma still feels frozen in time in some places. But for how much longer? Nobody can really say. Burma's development was held back by the military dictatorship, causing the country to remain largely unchanged for several decades. There are no fast-food chains here, but rather little villages of wooden houses to visit on foot. However, everything is changing in Asia at breakneck speed. There is no guarantee that things will still be as they are know in a few years' time. Tip: be quick Go now.

The experience of being welcomed with open arms by the Burmese people

The Burmese people are extremely hospitable and will always try their very best to help you without asking anything in return. A smile in exchange for a smile, that's what you can expect in Burma. With tourists becoming ever more numerous, there are some street vendors who may try to get you to buy something and there are people who may ask you for a little money in exchange for providing help. But a simple smile will be enough to stop them. In Burma you also have the opportunity to travel out to meet one of the 135 ethnic groups that reside in the country.  

Temples are everywhere to be seen in Bagan

There are no less than three to four thousand pagodas distributed over an area of 100 km² in Bagan. The temples here, be they small, large, dilapidated or in perfect condition, make this one of Southeast Asia's most beautiful sites, and it is a good place to tour by bicycle. Bagan can even be on a par with Angkor Wat in Cambodia at times. Early risers can take a flight in a hot-air balloon and admire views of Bagan's plains from a completely different perspective.
Aurélie Chartier
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Updated 26 October 2018
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