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Australia off the beaten track

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Australia is a vast country that is packed with natural and cultural treasures. Roughly the same size as the USA in terms of land, it has a population of fewer than 25 million people. So, many areas remain in their natural states, relatively untouched by human activity. For visitors, this means there are plenty of undiscovered wonders to explore and chances to get off the beaten track in Australia.

What’s the best way to travel off-the-beaten-track in Australia

Traveling off the beaten track in Australia offers adventurous visitors plenty of surprises. This large country has incredible diversity in terms of landscapes, activities, and cultures. When you get off the beaten path and visit its less-frequented corners, not only will you have a unique travel experience but you'll get to know the 'real' Australia.

The best off-the-beaten-track activities and experiences in Australia

Traveling off the beaten path in Australia means getting away from the big cities. Adventurous travelers should consider venturing far outside of Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, and into the wild interior or along the miles and miles of remote coastline.

  • Going underground in Coober Pedy

    The desert town of Coober Pedy has to be seen to be believed. Temperatures regularly reach 110 degrees and beyond in this historic opal mining town, so locals have taken to building their houses underground and in caves. Visitors can even stay underground in a Cave Motel.

  • Go in search of "big things"

    A fun trend that has swept across Australia, the 'big things' are giant statues and novelty architecture pieces in the shape of bright animals and various items. They include the big Merino ram in Goulburn and the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, but these fun icons can be found all over Australia.

  • Wonder at the Pinnacles in Western Australia

    On the remote north coast of Western Australia are the Pinnacles, a dramatic series of limestone formations. Located near the small town of Cervantes, the area also boasts an incredible coastline, rich biodiversity, and hiking trails.

  • Be entranced by Kata Tjuta

    Right in the center of Australia, not far from their more famous cousin Uluru, is Kata Tjuta. These dramatic rock formations are in large, domed shapes, which turn an incredible red color at sunset.

  • Hike the southernmost point in Australia

    The southernmost point of Australia is South Eastern Cape, at the bottom of the Island of Tasmania. The Cape is located in Hartz Mountains National Park, where there are amazing hiking opportunities, including to the dramatic southern point.

Tips for planning an off-the-beaten-track adventure in Australia

Traveling off the beaten track in Australia is undoubtedly rewarding, but it can be challenging. Transport to remote locations is limited, so you will need to hire a car or book a private tour. Either way, careful planning is required. Having one of Evaneos' local partners customize your trip is a great way to discover the lesser-known gems that this incredible country calls home.

When to go in Australia?

You can visit Australia in any season, even if it is better choose the date of your departure according to the climate of the region visited. You can visit any region of Australia in spring and autumn: the climate there will be all the more pleasant. Summer, from December to February, is a very pleasant period in the south, and the winter climate is very pleasant in different regions. Check the climate of your specific destination before you leave.
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