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Perth (Australia)

Practical information on Perth

  • Beach / Seaside Resort
  • Island
  • Viewpoint
  • Park and garden
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  • Water Sports
  • Museums
4 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
3h 20mins from Adelaide by plane
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
3 to 5 days

Reviews of Perth

Tony Mainguenaud Seasoned Traveller
10 written opinions

Perth is the capital of western Australia.. The town has a lot of cultural life but not just that, there are also some good views.

My suggestion:
You should visit Kings Park at sun down.
My review

I love the idea of being completely surrounded by greenery, feeling cocooned and protected from all the pollution you get in big cities, even though you know that the hustle and bustle is there, just behind those beautiful tree tops. Kings Park is like that.

It's a protected park which also has a ecological, educational and scientific role. I saw some amazing species of plants there and I really appreciated the park's educative role. Because, as well as the surrounding beauty, you will often see classes of school children who are there to learn more about ecology.

During your stay in Australia I really recommend going to Perth because it is a completely charming and very memorable town.

Perth at night
Sophie Liger Seasoned Traveller
31 written opinions

The biggest town in western Australia and one of the first to be built.

My suggestion:
Spend a few days in Perth, not only to explore the town but also benefit from the beaches that stretch along the coast, not forgetting Rottnest and Carnac Islands.
My review

I spent four months in Perth and I really loved this town. It's not that big and once out of town you'll quickly find yourself in a desert region! But despite that, it's a fun place where people live life to the full. There are lots of museums, notably one about South Australia's history. Architecturally, the town still has original colonial buildings, which makes for an interesting blend next to its contemporary structures. There are numerous beaches that are only 15-20 minutes by train from the centre of town. My favourite was Cotteslaw, a large, beautiful beach lined with restaurants and ice-cream shops...

If you find yourself in Perth during your trip to Australia, you must spend a day or two on Rottnest Island. No cars are allowed on the island and most people get around by bike. The beaches are Heaven on Earth and the sea a turquoise colour. You'll be able to spot quokkas - cute, little mammals that live on the island and the only place in Australia where you'll find them! There's also Carnac Island, a natural seal reserve!
Perth is a town where I'd love to live and I'd come back here in a shot!

Rottnest Island, off the coast off Perth
Lisa Gaillard Seasoned Traveller
49 written opinions

Perth is the prosperous and isolated capital of Western Australia. A cosmopolitan and dynamic city of more than a million inhabitants, where the sun and the heat are present all year round.

My suggestion:
Visit Kings Park and Botanic Gardens for a trip outside the city to enjoy the views and plant species.
My review

Perth is a city which seems to have sucked all the inhabitants of the surrounding area, the rest of the coast and the region being relatively deserted. Whilst I am not a fan of large urban centres, I appreciated Perth all the same, where I resided for more that three months. I found the the city pleasant, relaxed. Only in Perth could I meet people leaving work in suits and ties on their skateboards!

The city centre (C.B.D. - Central Business District) is similar to that of other major cities in Australia: glass skyscrapers, streets laid out in grids with a string of shops and cafes, etc... The CATS buses (Central Area Transport Service) are very practical and free. Various neighbourhoods are built around the city centre: Subiaco with its stadium and its markets, popular with Australians; Northbridge, where there is a concentration of youth hostels, an open air cinema, an Asian food court and a vibrant nightlife; Floreat, Stirling and South Perth, with California style billionaires homes.

But it is especially the presence of nature in its surroundings, that I liked most of all, Kings Park and Botanical Garden, which I strongly recommend, to travel a little distance out of the city to enjoy the views and plant species. At the end of the C.B.D., along the river, there are also the lawns on Riverside Drive, not far from the characteristic Bell Tower, which was our "couch-surfing" meeting point, to meet other travellers, throw a Frisbee; and the Swan river where you can jump off the cliffs in the Melville district, finally, the beaches: Scarborough Beach (with surf shops and Fish and Chips) where beach volleyball tournaments are organised; City Beach, the quietest beach, but also the most beautiful beach with the Cottesloe sculptures, where I spotted Dolphins, off shore.

On the outskirts of Perth, just 30 minutes by train, I recommend a visit to The port town of Fremantle, a relaxed and trendy place, then, Rottnest Island, an island off the coast of Perth where I had a wonderful holiday. I must confess that sometimes I was happy to leave the city, which never stops, to discover the surrounding area, such as the superb South-west coast, not to be missed during your Perth itinerary!

Perth CBD