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An update from Evaneos

Visiting Turkey with reduced mobility

All handicaps are different so that's why it might be interesting to consider custom trips, created with specialist agencies, to devise your own itinerary in Turkey.

Accessibility in the country

In fact, Turkey isn't entirely well thought out in terms of accessibility, but there are several specialist French-speaking agencies organising trips for people with reduced mobility exist and they can help you plan your trip. 

The historic and ancient sites aren't always easily accessible, but the Turkish people are very king and will definitely give you a helping hand! However, public transport is more modern and has been designed to meet accessibility standards, particularly in the large cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya.

There is also a high-speed train linking these mega cities, the latest trains meet the European standards in terms of access for the handicapped. This might be a good option for you to travel between the different planned destinations on your itinerary.

Seaside tourism in Turkey, why not?

It's not perhaps the first thing that springs to mind when you are planning your trip to Turkey, but the Turkish beaches are incredibly beautiful. Several small towns in the region of Antalya, the Turkish capital of seaside tourism, are small paradises to enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Head to the Riviera Antalya, on the South Mediterranean coast, for a peaceful, relaxing stay in this large country situated between Asia and Europe. As well as the city of Antalya, Fethiye also has superb beaches and beautiful seafront promenades.

Southern Turkey

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