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An update from Evaneos

How much should you budget for a trip to Turkey?

Even though a trip to Turkey costs less than other European destinations, it's becoming more expensive with time. Things are cheaper, but it's gradually catching up with its neighbors.

Low budget holidays

If you choose Turkey as your destination, here's some good news. It won't cost you much and you'll find all you need without having to cross the globe. Now is a great time to go; although each year the country attracts more and more tourists, prices remain cheap and economically interesting compared to other countries. Competitive prices are most noticeable in Istanbul and other top tourist spots.

As far as accommodation goes, it depends on what you're after. There's something for all budgets. Turkey is adapted to mass tourism and the hotel industry caters for all types of visitor. From campsites to youth hostels, small hotels to 5-star luxury, you will be spoiled for choice.

It's the same for eating out. There are numerous options. Take out kebabs from sellers that line the streets for a good price. You can 'go up' a level and eat at a table on a curbside terrace. And if you fancy a gourmet meal in an authentic setting, then you'll find plenty of chic restaurants in the larger towns.

There are also lots of transport options. Taxis, buses, planes - you can watch your purse strings or opt for luxury comfort.

You'll find that out of everything, visiting sites is probably the most expensive activity. Turkey has an impressive cultural heritage and there are loads of places to see. The entry price to museums and palaces tends to be expensive.

Well priced restaurant in Istanbul

Some prices

A basic double room will set you back 55TRY (20€/20$), but don't expect too much in terms of comfort. By spending upwards of 110TRY (40€/40£) you'll see a big difference. For the lap of luxury expect to be charged around 415TRY (150€/150$) per night.

A full meal from a curbside kebab shop costs around 14TRY (5€/5$). For a classy, romantic meal out, a main dish will be a good 70TRY (25€/25$).

The cost of long bus journeys depends on distance covered and level of comfort; an average price is 11TRY (4€/4$) per hour.

David Debrincat
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