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What to do in Tanzania?

Tanzania! Words just cannot express the beauty of the nature… any attempts to describe seem empty and pale in the face of the splendor and variety of this wilderness. Try to picture peaceful herds of elephants along a riverbank. You are not dreaming, you are in the Tarangire national park! Raise your head and open your eyes and ears: in the Ngorongoro preservation area you can observe 400 species of birds. Lift the head again and Mount Kilimanjaro will catch your eye. Once a myth it is now accessible in six days by the Machame route! Return to the ground in the Serengeti plains. The oldest and without a doubt the most popular of the Tanzanian parks: You will find hundreds of thousands of zebras, gazelles and gnus which migrate annually in search of greener pastures. Elephants, giraffes and elk are in constant movement... Your tailor made holiday to Tanzania doesn’t only cover natural wildlife. It also includes meeting with unique ethnic groups, like the Maasai, the proud semi-nomadic people. Tanzania is also a place to kick back and relax along the superb beaches of Zanzibar. Luxury travel or beneath a tent, for a safari between friends or a honeymoon, a trip to Tanzania is a dream come true!
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When to go in Tanzania?

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Start planning your beach vacation in Tanzania

Tanzania's beaches are simply divine. Whether on the mainland coastline or on the various offshore islands, these beaches are lapped by the Indian Ocean's turquoise blue waters. Catering for all types of traveler, from couples to families, there are beaches for a relaxing escape, beaches for snorkeling and diving, or beaches for water sports. 

What makes Tanzania a great beach destination?

Tanzania's beaches have long been popular with travelers in East Africa. With white sand, coral reefs off the shire and palm trees offering shade, the beaches in Tanzania are havens for relaxation. Expect to find countless active pursuits such as windsurfing, diving, and sailing, as well as luxury resorts for all the pampering you need. Best of all, the weather is consistently warm, sunny, and pleasant year round. 

The best beaches to visit in Tanzania

Whether you're looking to chill out on the sands, or experience the best of Swahili culture, here's some of our top picks. 

Kick back on Mbudya Island

A quick boat ride from bustling Dar es Salaam, Mbudya Island provides an easy beach escape option for those short on time. A surprising contrast from the nearby city, Mbudya is undeniably charming with its white sands and relaxed vibe.

Swim off Kendwa Beach

For travelers looking for a more secluded experience, stop at Kendwa Beach in Zanzibar. This resort lacks the crowds found on many of Zanzibar's other beaches, and features gentle, clean waters that will quickly tempt you in. 

Surf at Paje Beach

The winds at Paje are prime for surfing and kite surfing. A shallow bay and long strip of beach add to the overall appeal here, and a number of surfing and kitesurfing schools and shops offer services and lessons for all abilities.

Meet Prison Island's longtime residents

Known to locals as Changuu, Prison Island has an interesting history as a former quarantine center. The action nowadays is the colony of Aldabra giant tortoises that reside here, some well over 100 years old. Meet these gentle creatures and snorkel in the beautiful waters.

Embrace Ushongo's fishing culture

Ushongo is a traditional fishing village on the northern Tanzanian coast. It's known for its charming character and friendly locals, who largely continue to make their living from the sea. There's plenty of opportunity to explore the surroundings on kayaks or with snorkels, and taste brilliant fresh seafood in the restaurants.

Tips for planning a beach vacation in Tanzania

December and January offer the warmest, driest weather for enjoying the sand and surf in Tanzania. Make sure to consult your doctor for any necessary vaccinations. At the beach, keep a respectful distance from the fragile coral reefs and wildlife. Bring plenty of sunscreen and sun protection like hats and sunglasses.

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