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A family vacation in Tanzania is educational and thrilling for both adults and children. This East African country is known for its stunning scenery and wildlife, and there’s a rich mix of cultural and historical influences. Whether on safari or on a beach vacation, your family will love a trip to Tanzania.

What makes Tanzania a great destination for families?

A Tanzanian family vacation offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural discovery. Your adventures will take you to a variety of places, from white sandy beaches to sweeping plains teeming with wildlife, or even into rugged mountain ranges and volcanoes. And you’ll meet friendly locals and diverse tribespeople along the way, introducing the children to new cultures as you go. 

Best things to do in Tanzania with kids

For kids, Tanzania is an awe-inspiring destination. They'll find fun in a wide range of activities throughout the country, whether it's canoeing trips, meeting and learning with tribespeople, or visiting prehistoric sites. These are the top activities to do with kids in Tanzania.

Meet ancient animals on an island

Known to locals as Changu, Prison Island has a long and interesting history. Visit with a local guide to get the lowdown, then explore the tortoise sanctuary. You'll encounter the endangered Aldabra tortoises, some believed to be over 150 years old.

See wildlife up close in the national parks

Family trips in Tanzania must include a wildlife safari in one of the numerous national parks. While the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti are the best-known areas, Katavi and Tarangire National Parks are also spectacular. You'll have the unforgettable thrill of watching lions, buffalo, giraffes, and elephants in their natural habitat. 

Canoe through a national park

A different kind of safari involves canoeing through Arusha National Park. It's a great way to bond with the family, and offers a scenic change from riding in vans or cars. These professionally-guided lake trips take you past various animals and birds along the shore.

Bike through the countryside

Biking trips are a great option for active families, and routes are generally smooth and flat. Spot animals such as impala, zebras, or monkeys, and experience a slice of rural Tanzania as you pass through farmland and villages. Choose from various itineraries suiting all ages and abilities.

Plunge into beautiful island waters

The atolls scattered off the island of Zanzibar are favorites for scuba divers and snorkelers. Various companies provide quality excursions that explore some of the world's most beautiful reefs. You'll be wowed by the colorful coral and sea life, including fish and even dolphins.

Tips for planning a family vacation in Tanzania

Tanzania is a fantastic experience for families, as long as you do some proper preparation. Consult with your doctor for medical precautions, such as vaccinations. The best time for traveling around Tanzania is during the dry, cooler season from June to September. Traveling by road can take longer due distance and road quality, so plan accordingly and provide extra books and games for the kids.

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