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Swaziland (South Africa)

Practical information on Swaziland

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5 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
By bus: 5 hours from Johannesburg or 3 hours from Nelspruit (near Kruger Parc)
When to go
All year long, according to the calendar of traditional events
Minimum stay
One week

Expériences inoubliables à vivre Swaziland

Reviews of Swaziland

Fred Jasseny Seasoned Traveller
11 written opinions

Swaziland encloses preserved countryside as well as ancestral traditions that are still very much alive.

My suggestion:
When planning your trip, you may want to take into account the dates of traditional events in Swaziland. They provide great opportunities for meeting people and learning more about the customs of the kingdom.
My review

Whilst traveling through Pigg's Peak territory in Big Bend, I was able to establish for myself that the kindness of the Swazi people is not just a myth. The locals are extremely touched that people would visit them, and are very happy to talk about their country and their way of life.

I especially appreciated the tranquility of Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. Moving around freely on foot, you can look at zebras, impalas, warthogs and crocodiles. As the country is hardly developed, it is very easy to find little bits of paradise within a few minutes walk. The central part of the region offers numerous hiking trails and outdoor activities such as rafting.

Discover the area using local transportation instead of hired cars as do the majority of visitors. This will enable you to meet many more people, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the kindness of the Swazis.

The country is one of the last monarchies in the world, and where you will best discover its quirks and oddities is in the Ezulwiny Valley, one of the strongholds of King Mswati III.

The hills of Swaziland
Philip Böhm Traveller
50 written opinions
My review
It is not on the main touristic road but worth a stopover as the population is kind and there is a funny culture of absolute monarchy..
Camille Griffoulieres Seasoned Traveller
111 written opinions

This little country with almost a million inhabitants is in an area of rolling hills and is an enclave in South Africa as well as being a point often passed through between Kruger Park, KwaZulu-Natal and Mozambique which border it.

My suggestion:
Going there during the traditional Swazi ceremonies: the Umhlanga festival in August or September, and the Inwala one in December or January are the most spectacular.
My review

Visiting Swaziland is something you must do in South Africa, just as you must visit Lesotho, the other enclave in the country. You really must count on several days to discover the Swazi culture, stay in a traditional hut, take walks in the mountains and talk with the villagers...

The rural way of life is authentic and its inhabitants are very welcoming. The private reserves are quite small, but you can easily see the Big 5 there, that is the animals which were most dangerous to hunt: elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, cheetah and lion (the symbol of the country). Mlilwane Nature Reserve is the most accessible for family safaris, known for its population of lions, rhinos (better protected than in South Africa) and hippopotamuses.

Don't forget to visit Ezulwini Valley, the 'place of paradise' in Swati. Mlawula Nature Reserve with its numerous caves and waterfalls, and Malolotja Nature Reserve are ideal for trekking.

Malolotja Nature Reserve
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