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The most important information when travelling in Russia

Here are some advice and practical suggestions for preparing your trip to Russia.

Culture and Discovery

Formalities for passing through border controls in Russia

Be patient and extremely polite. Put any anger and frustration to one side and breath deeply when dealing with Russian administration.
Marie Cavalié3 November 2015

Russia, safely

Have a safe journey in Russia by following this advice!
Ariadne M3 November 2015

Russia's geography and natural habitat

Russia may be a country with a rigorous climate and glacial temperatures but it is full of natural resources and has a very rich natural habitat. From the tundra to the t...
Marie Cavalié3 November 2015

Politeness and customs in Russia

What shouldn't you say or do in Russia? Here is some advice on uses, customs and manners in this big country!
Ariadne M30 October 2015

Cost of living in Russia

Life in Russia can be quite expensive if you only have a small budget. Although some prices seem ridiculously small compared to those at home (like public transport, for ...
Marie Cavalié30 October 2015