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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Russia

Russia is a gigantic country of immense distances. It's so big that it's more like a continent than a country. Deciding to go on a trip to Russia gives you the choice of a hundred different journeys.

According to where you decide to go in Russia and the time of year that you want to go, you could be very hot or very cold. So you should either take light clothes for very high temperatures or clothes that will keep you warm in glacial, polar temperatures. For example, in Siberia it can get as cold as -40°C in the coldest part of the year. And without going to that extreme, it's regularly around -15°C in Moscow in winter. If you haven't brought clothes that will keep you warm enough, you can always buy gloves, jackets and hats that are typically Russian.

In your first aid kit you need the usual range of medicine for every day cuts and bruises. Like every self-respecting traveller you know how your stomach can play up when you are in a different country, so take what you need to calm it down. Finally, if you are going into the countryside during summer you will find a good insect repellent is essential. The ones you can buy there are hopeless.

Don't forget to take a good camera and enough memory cards so you can bring back lots of photographic souvenirs. You should always carrry a photocopy of your important papers, like your passport and visa. It always helps with the authorities if you do lose the originals. An English-Russian dictionary will help you to communicate. If you want to hire a care you will need an international driving licence, and a credit card is necessary for getting money out.

What to put in your suitcase

  1. Your international driving licence if you want to drive while there
  2. A camera for beautiful souvenirs
  3. A credit card for getting out money and paying for things
  4. An English-Russian dictionary for everyday help
  5. A photocopy of your passport, in case you lose the original
  6. Medicine for digestive problems, which can ruin a holiday
  7. Insect repellent
  8. A first-aid kit for everyday cuts and bruises
  9. Warm clothes for the Siberian cold, and for everywhere in Russia in winter
  10. Light clothes for the warm season
David Debrincat
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