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An update from Evaneos

Visit Mongolia with a local English speaking guide

Luggage, money, passport, visa: all ready! Soon you will be flying to the Land of the Blue Sky! Have you thought about your itinerary during your visit to Mongolia ? If you want to put your trust in a professional, local agency offering the services of English-speaking guides in Mongolia, you can really make the most of your adventure!

Visiting Mongolia on horseback or by car.

If you opt for an English-speaking guide, ask what form of transport you should use to visit the country. For a more exotic trip, you can go on horseback or by jeep. You can also hire a minibus or a 4x4 with a driver and an English-speaking guide, if you'd prefer. If you go with a local agency, you can choose from several styles of itinerary and you will be systematically advised on the sort of transport to be used for each type of visit. The agency will go with your wishes if you have any special requests!

English-speaking guides in Mongolia

Many local agencies offer a large number of guided visits, but most English-speaking guides in Mongolia are freelance. They are perfectly bilingual Mongols or students of English who wish to help people discover their country whilst practicing their language skills. They offer their services to small groups and you must do this if you don't want to miss anything in the Land of the Blue Sky!

English is not spoken everywhere, Mongolian is the main language and English is spoken only in the big towns. So, if you want to meet the nomadic people, your guide will also be your interpreter: it is the best way to meet the local people and will turn your trip to Mongolia into an unforgettable experience.

A detailed itinerary

Using the services of an English-speaking guide has many advantages, as described above. The main advantage is in the organisation of your trip to Mongolia. In fact, however long you stay in the country, your guide will ensure you see as much as possible, especially the must-see destinations. Just think of visiting the steppe, the dunes of the Gobi or other local sights you may want to see during your visit.

Ulan Bator (or Ulaanbaatar)

So, if you are unsure about following a reliable and realistic itinerary on your own, and if you want to have explanations about the sights you wish to visit in Mongolia, opting for an English-speaking guide is the ideal solution.

Now you know what to do to explore Mongolia without losing your way. Let's go!

Schéhérazade Deedarun
13 contributions