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Monte Albán

Monte Albán (Mexico)

Practical information on Monte Albán

  • Viewpoint
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  • Archaeological Site
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4 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
Fifteen minutes from Oaxaca by bus
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Monte Albán

Delphine Teisserenc Seasoned Traveller
46 written opinions

One of Mexico's largest archaeological sites, Monte Albán, standing with pride of place on Jaguar Mountain, looks out over the city of Oaxaca.

My suggestion:
Take the time to fully absorb the atmosphere of the site and enjoy the superb panoramic views it offers.
My review
Monte Albán, which reaches an elevation of 2,000 meters at its highest part, was founded by the Zapotec during the pre-Columbian era. A historic testimony to the power of that civilization, I was surprised both by its state of preservation and, to a greater extent, the physical layout of the site, which is quite square and angular at its base but then extends up onto the side of a hill. The main plaza at its center is impressive, and the climb up to the temple will give you a better view of it. When I explored the ruins, I paused to admire the "danzantes": magnificent carved stones standing as testimony to this extinct culture.
View over Monte Albán
Seasoned Traveller
168 written opinions

Certainly one of the largest pre-hispanic towns of the Oaxaca region, it was at its most powerful during the Zapotec era.

My suggestion:
If your budget is limited, you don't need your own transport, public buses leave from the center of Oaxaca and take you to the site's entrance.
My review
One of the most beautiful sites that I was lucky enough to discover in Mexico was Monte Alban. Only a few kilometres from the town of Oaxaca, in the state of the same name, it's still very well preserved and surrounded by greenery.
Monte Alban