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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Laos

Taking a trip to Laos. This is a little known destination. Nestled between the tourist hotspots of Thailand, China, Cambodia and Vietnam, this little country has just as much to offer its visitors. You need to pack carefully if you're travelling to Laos. Try not to forget anything, as once you're there it can be difficult to find items that you may have left behind.

Clothing-wise make sure you have lightweight clothes, preferably in cotton as it's the best material to wear when the weather is really hot. Take some warmer clothes for chilly evenings and if you're planning to head up to the cooler north. Pack clothes that cover the arms and legs - modesty is important when visiting religious sites. Even though Laos doesn't have a coast, it doesn't mean you won't need swimwear. You can go swimming at several places along the River Mekong.

As for medical supplies, take the basics plus something to treat diarrhoea as well as a good insect repellent.

A camcorder or camera is essential as you'll be wanting to record those memorable moments during your Laos trip. As always, make sure you have a photocopy of your passport. You'll be glad you have one if you lose your original. Don't forget your bank/credit card so you can withdraw cash. There are cashpoints in the larger towns and touristy areas. If you're heading to the north, check out before leaving if there are cashpoints or banks in the villages/towns you plan to visit.

Finally, make sure you pack an open mind and adventurous spirit - you're going to be experiencing some amazing cultural shocks!

What to pack

  1. An open mind and a desire to plunge yourself into a different culture
  2. Your International Drivers Permit so you can drive in Laos
  3. A good pair of walking shoes or boots.
  4. Any mountain equipment you may need in the north of the country.
  5. An adapter so you can recharge your batteries - sockets are not the same as the UK, although the voltage is.
  6. A camera or camcorder to capture those magic moments
  7. A torch, as power cuts are frequent
  8. A photocopy of your passport in case you lose the original.
  9. A good insect repellent
  10. A basic medical kit including something for tummy troubles.
  11. Swimwear so you can splash around in the River Mekong
  12. Clothes that cover the arms and legs for visiting religious sites
  13. Warmer clothes for cool evenings and trips to the northern mountains
  14. Lightweight clothes suitable for hot weather
David Debrincat
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