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Sabai dee and welcome to this guide to Travel in Laos. Laos is a small country in South-East Asia, somewhat overshadowed by its neighbours Thailand and Cambodia, which has managed to develop without becoming tourism-dependent. This doesn’t in any way mean that it’s not worth visiting! Picture a landscape of rice paddies as far as the eye can see, where it’s not unusual to see water buffalo working the land. It’s a country where the beauty of the stormy skies mingles perfectly with the waters of the rivers. The people are unbelievably kind. Buddhism is omnipresent and governs every stage of life. It’s a country where you can switch off from normal life, chill out, take your time and just listen to the rice grow. It’s a country that’s simply a delight to travel in. You’re not imagining it: a stay in Laos is an exquisite and timeless experience. You will be charmed by the sublime Luang Prabang. The former capital houses magnificent temples and monasteries, interspersed with a wonderful natural landscape of hills and the waters of the Mekong. The Mekong, or ‘mother of water’ is sure to be the common thread that runs through your trip to Laos, as you follow its winding course by bus, by car and above all by boat, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the ancient kingdom of a million elephants…
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Guide to travelling in Laos

These travel ideas to Laos are bound to inspire you!’s favourite: the mountains in the north of the country around Luang nam Tha and Muang Sin. The perfect destination for setting off hiking, amid misty mountains and preserved ethnic villages. At the other end of the country, another favourite awaits you: the four thousand islands. In the extreme south of the country, on these islands dotting the Mekong where the weather seems to be fixed forever, you can take time to live. You’ll take it very gently as you discover the beauty of the scenery, either on foot or by bike. You’ll also meet pachyderms in this former kingdom of a million elephants. You will then tramp over lunar terrain: on the back of this majestic animal, you will discover the mysterious hill of Phou Asa. A bit further on is the splendour of the Bolovens plateau that you are bound to find impressive. It is here where most of Laos’s coffee is grown. In the midst of these coffee, and also banana, plantations with their luxuriant vegetation, the beauty of the skies will amaze you as they blend the green with the blue of the fresh water from the numerous streams and waterfalls. With the family, as a couple or among friends, any tailor-made holiday can be designed by contacting your local travel agent directly. Your trip to Laos, unique and unforgettable, is only waiting for you to create it! Consult our practical guide to prepare your tour of Laos.

When to go in Laos?


The best time to visit Laos is during the dry season, from November to May. Temperatures don't fall below 15°C and begin to rise from the end of March to May. Avoid the monsoon season, which starts between May and July and lasts until November. During these heavy rains, temperatures average between 25 and 30°C. It also wise to choose your time of travel according to the places you want to visit. The hot months of April and May make it uncomfortable in the south, but it's a great time if you're heading to the cooler north of the country. In Laos you'll find unquestionable authenticity, despite the country's tumultuous past. Parts of the countryside are untouched wildernesses and the Laotians are some of the most welcoming people on the planet.

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Joel Estonia
Some misunderstandings with locals because of their accent, which we are not used to, although they can nicely write English is the only thing that we had trouble with at times. Guides and their drivers : Mostly fine to super fine all of the time, may it be Sandy in Thailand, Khamman and Super Girl Souchitta as well as Vong and the boat’s owners on the Shompoo Cruise. All have done their best. An overall mark of 9/10 All in all, highly recommended is what we can say about LaosMood and Evaneos. Thanks again so much!
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Trent and Seb
The destinations visited (Laos, Cambodia) were different but very welcoming. We saw a variety of landscapes and people, and feel we were given a good insight to these countries. Makes us want to return to explore further.
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I started my trip through Laos in the North at the border to Thailand (near Chiang Rai) and travelled by boat down the Mekong River, then overland to Oudomxay and further to Luang Prabang where I stayed a few days. From Luang Prabang I travelled overland to Plain of Jars, and then further to Vang Vieng and Vientiane. The first part of my trip from the Thai border to Vang Vieng was the most spectacular and I would highly recommend doing some of the boat and overland travelling through the mountains of Northern Laos. Plain of Jars was nice and very interesting, but not an absolute must for people with less time. From Vientiane I travelled further overland to Kong Lor cave, another highlight for me, and then on to Champasak (near Pakse) where I stayed for the last few days. From there I did day trips to Vat Phou, the Bolaven plateau and 4000 islands. Generally I think that the South of Laos is much less spectacular than the North, but it’s a nice place to relax.
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